Two-way radios are great for use in the education industry. They can provide instant communication to deliver crucial information that needs to be passed between staff or students. With a range of useful features our PTT and PMR radios can be very beneficial to the education sector. They are the ideal way to improve safety, teamwork and efficiency no matter how large the facility.

Emergency alarms can allow staff to alert other members of staff when they need help in case a situation arises like a student hurting themselves, misbehaving or if a safety issue arises. They can be incredibly useful in case of emergencies like power cuts or fire alarms going off, so they can organise staff and students to exit the building safely. GPS tracking allows you to see where members of staff are if they need tracking down, or if someone needs help nearby.

Whether you need to communicate quickly and easily with all staff members, individuals or certain groups, radio communication is the best way to do this. With the simple touch of a button you can link securely to multiple people or teams of people across one, or a number of facilities. Useful for campuses which expand over large distances, with buildings dotted in many different locations. Also, incredibly useful for school trips and days out so staff can communicate with each other about location or if any security issues or threats that arise.

The evolution of PMR to digital devices and even smart devices has improved connectivity dramatically and provided a host of new features for professional radios. GPS allows you to see where staff members are and the digital or cellular data using devices have greater reliability and accessibility.

At DigiX we want to give you the best device for your situation. We offer a range of PTT handsets which have features and qualities perfect for you. Feel free to give us a call or email us and can help you choose.

Many of our products are strong and robust enough to survive days in the classroom, schoolyard and beyond, and deliver all the major needs the education industry would need. Here a few devices we think are perfect to provide your team with everything they need.

The DigiX Nano is a state-of-the-art PMR which is compact and powerful. It features a remote monitor that allows you to allocate tasks and see where your staff are located, as well as a record feature which will record conversations and could help protect your staff or students if any issues arise about a certain situation.

The DigiX Neo has a remote monitor and a range of communication options. It can simultaneously use both digital and analogue signals ensuring your connection is never broken. It also features an emergency alarm to signal to colleagues that you need assistance, incredibly useful for maintaining the safety of staff and students.

The DigiX Halo is simple to use, robust, has a great battery life and is highly waterproof and dustproof (IP54 rating). The Halo comes equipped with an emergency alarm to alert other staff members of emergencies and issues. Also comes with remote monitoring to help keep staff organised and efficiency high.

Our DigiX handset is highly waterproof, robust and secure. It comes with remote monitoring software to allocate staff tasks and GPS so you always know where your staff are. It has private calling, group calling and call all features, with voice encryption so you can guarantee your communications are not being listened to by an outside party.

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