Northwest Radio Communications (NRC) LTD is a professional provider of all leading manufacturers of equipment Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Hytera including our own DigiX brand equipment. Trading successfully since 1989 we have developed into a company supplying equipment and maintenance services across the UK. Many of our customers now prefer the competitive cost of DigiX equipment which has proven to be well received and continues to be a reliable alternative to the leading manufacturers.

The development of new products and technologies with our manufacturing partners is fast-paced and over the last months, we have introduced new equipment for many demanding markets. We prefer to be a company that provides onsite support and advice and we have sales and service staff support across the UK who can show products at customers’ locations so that they can choose the best working solution for their environment.

Radio can work across many miles in open and unobstructed rural locations but when the same equipment is tried in urban populated areas with steel and concrete buildings the range can be much reduced but there are repeater technologies available to help assist communications across cities. We now have our acclaimed MAX Repeater Enhancer that together with our LINK radio can provide wide-area communications from a single frequency without the loss of signal that would normally occur with duplex systems.

DigiPoC is something that you will hear more of in communications as it allows for group or individual calling across the UK and as an equipment developer of this new technology we have partnered with exciting products that will provide advanced features to include tracking, video and voice recording.

This is an exciting time for NRC as we continue to strive for new opportunities, we are now looking for additional Franchise and Sales staff across the UK.

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  • Thank you for making the transition to new radios so easy for all the staff at Sizergh Castle. You were only a call or email away if I needed any help with the new radios and you even visited us more than once to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. I have recommended NRC to a number of people both within the trust and outside of work when they are looking for professional walkie talkies. Thank you again for all your help and I am sure we will be in touch very soon regarding investing in more radios.
  • Gladstone House was already a customer of NRC and used to have an open channel system where everybody had to listen to all radio traffic. We also had to keep the volume up on each radio. Thanks to NRC, we upgraded to the new RMS-NET which is a closed system and facilitates individual calling. We can also use status messaging instead of voice, which is much more discrete and also cuts down on radio traffic. This allows us to alert staff of a disturbance without the risk of being overheard. If you used voice communication, you might have the chance of other inmates hearing what is going on which might exacerbate the situation further. A subtle status message letting the staff know the situation and location is incredibly discrete, helping us to maximise security.
  • When our training centre began expanding, we realised we needed a new radio system with more radios to cover a bigger area. We looked at Bluetooth as a short term solution, but as soon as we heard about the Icom IP Radios, we requested a demonstration from NRC Radio to see if they could do the job. After significant tests, we decided to purchase the system which includes two IP1000C IP controllers and 10 IP100H radios with headsets. At any given time, we are using five to six radio units. This allows the entire department to talk to each other, keeping everyone in the loop. The brilliant thing is we can involve more people at the same time and the performance is so much better in terms of connection and clarity. The system is performing well and doing what we want it to. We can also take the radio system to other hospitals and training centres when required. It has been a good investment and suits our bespoke needs.
  • I met Paul from NRC and explained to him that I was looking for a lightweight and easy to use radio system. I wanted to know where my staff were and have the ability to retrieve their journey log. One of the biggest issues was the life of the radio battery - it needed to last a full shift, even with the additional drain from the GPS speaker microphone. The solution came in the shape of the IC-f61 with a high capacity Lithium-Ion battery.  Operationally the system has exceeded my expectations. We have got more from the system than I originally envisaged. NRC have been absolutely excellent. Their advice and technical support has been incredible. They even applied to Ofcom for us for our licence. That was really appreciated, as that process can be daunting.
  • When we needed to upgrade our radio system, it made sense to choose NRC who supplied our existing radio system 15 years ago. We needed a system to provide extended coverage of the perimeter and improved reception within the stone buildings of the Cathedral to support police officers based at the main entrance. After listening to our requirements, NRC suggested the Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital system. It's a real bonus that our new radios can communicate with our existing analogue sets, especially when we need to increase our team of constables with volunteers at some of our larger events. I'm looking forward to managing our next event using our new radio system and to the crystal clear reception we'll be experiencing whether from the top of the 100 meter tower or furthest recess of the Cathedral building.
  • At Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm, we use Icom IDAS digital two way radios supplied and installed by NRC Radio. These radios are used as the primary means of communication between the Marine Coordination Centre in Birkenhead and the vessels operating at the wind farm. The digital two way radios are important because they provide an alternative to cellular because we are too far offshore to get a mobile telephone signal. They provide very clear audio and excellent clarity making them a vital cog in the safe operation of the project.    
  • Thank you for all your help with radios and the excellent customer service. The digital twin box sets work wonderfully and the charging units do perfectly as I needed. If I have any more communication requirements, you will be my first point of call.
  • Here at St George's Hall, we had a problem with our old radios that meant that in certain areas of the building, such as the basements we could not pick up a signal, and if we did the sound would be muffled. NRC Radio explained that this was because of the size of St George’s Hall and the thickness of the walls. NRC Radio recommended that we took a few radios on trial, and they worked a treat. With this in mind, we decided to purchase new radios and transmitter box. We have found a huge difference with the new digital radios. They are supreme and the sound is so clear. I would just like to thank you for all your help and professionalism. We would highly recommend Northwest Communications to anyone who was considering buying digital radios.
  • NRC Radio was recommended to us by another school in Warrington and have provided our radio equipment since June 2013. We moved sites during the summer holidays and upgraded our radio equipment to DigiX. This gives us complete cover around our new school complex which is made up of two Special Schools and a 6th Form College.  It even works to and from our old site which is half a mile away. Radio is very important to the school as it gives us immediate communication for safety and security, enabling us to communicate quickly and efficiently. DigiX gives us clear and excellent communications without interference and is proving to be an invaluable tool in the day to day running of our busy site. We'd recommend NRC Radio and DigiX radios to anybody considering purchasing or hiring radio equipment.
  • We had a company come to us last minute who had been let down for First Aid cover. I informed the organisers that there was only one organisation that could give the coverage that we needed but they wanted to stay with the company they had already booked. On that day, I'm very happy to say that as expected, the radios that we hired from yourselves worked like a dream, with no loss of transmission, no black spots and no issues of not being able to respond to people who called in. This was not the case for the other organisations in the room with me, so I kept informing everyone of where we got our radios from and who my contact was.
  • Paula came to see me on spec after a recommendation from a local company. She demonstrated the radios professionally and in a friendly manner. About 2 hours after she left, we had made our minds up on wanting the radios you provide. From initial contact and placing the order we had the radios in less than 2 weeks. We chose to purchase 10 DigiA redios. The clarity and reception is excellent, as well as the range. They are far superior to any radio we have had before. I would like to thank you again for the excellent service we have received and I would not hesitate to recommend NRC Radio and Paula to any organisation.
  • We'd like to say thank you for the hire of the 18 x DigiA Radios. Everything has been done in an exemplary manner, from when I made contact to investigate and gather information regarding your products to when you and Chris came down to demonstrate the radios. All the staff that I have had dealings with are a credit to your company. Chris and other members of your staff went out of their way to ensure that the radios were prepared and ready before the agreed time frame, which has been a great help. Can you please pass on our sincere thanks to your staff and thanks for a splendid service.
  • We were having problems with the radios we were using as they kept breaking. NRC Radio was very helpful, talking me through the process and making everything run smoothly. We got a great deal on our new radios and they are much better than our old ones, we even switched to digital which is fantastic. You have been a star throughout the whole process, even checking in with us from time to time to make sure everything is okay. I look forward to the continued good service we have received from Paula and the team at Northwest Radio and will continue to use Paula for all our digital radio needs.
  • NRC has been great to do business with and have made the whole changeover to digital radios a very simple task. They talked us through the whole process and made everything run smoothly. We got a great deal on our new radios and they are much better than our old ones. NRC was very understanding of our budgets and worked with us to achieve the best on offer.
  • Got a Liberty for the pub. Great for communicating with the kitchen.
  • The NRC radios I have used have always been trustworthy and great value. I had my DigiX liberty for years as it's licence free and it lasted me 3 years of almost constant use. If you are looking car walkie talkies I can highly recommend DigiX.  
    Jack, StaffordJack, Stafford
  • The NRC team was really great when I called up the other day. I spoke to the team at NRC Radio. They listened to exactly what I needed and advised me on the models they offered, which could provide me with just that. Brilliant customer service.  
    Bernie, SouthendBernie, Southend
  • Really impressed with our DigiX Neos. 5 stars.  
    Ben, ChesterBen, Chester
  • NRC Radios are made to a great standard. I've bought the Jazz to replace old radios for my security firm and it was an excellent choice. Easy to use, sturdy, and very effective, all for a great price. The one time we had a radio malfunction, the NRC customer service team was there to help. Really rate these guys. 10/10.  
    Danny G, CardiffDanny G, Cardiff
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