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The DIGIX Horizon Push To Talk (PTT) smart radio or ‘PoC’ is a piece of state of the art technology, in the palm of your hand. It features groundbreaking new technology which is rarely seen in any of DigiX’s competitor’s products. Gone are the days of the traditional PMR Walkie Talkie, the future is on the Horizon. This device really leading the way in professional UK communication.

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  • A PTT which will work in London- This Push to Talk Over Cellular device doesn’t need radio waves and therefore it is possible to use in busy bandwidth areas such as London.
  • Astounding connectivity- The Horizon supports WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and even 4G /LTE networks allowing, a level of coverage and connectivity you simply won’t find with a traditional PMR.
  • Interface– The touch screen interface revolutionizes 2-way radios. Allowing more advanced functions to be developed, the dynamic addition is also helpful in resisting water and dust damage.
  • Water and dust resistant– The Horizon boasts an IP67 rating making it completely dustproof extremely water-resistant. In fact, you could throw it in a bath and it would survive. No amount of rain can ruin this device, only your day.
  • Android Operating System– The Horizon 2 way smart radio infuses PTT with smart technology allowing you to use a plethora of useful professional apps.
  • Location Tracking-The Horizon allows you truly global GPS by supporting GLONDASS and BeiDou (Russia and China’s versions of GPS) in addition to the western world’s GPS. This allows you to keep track of your Horizon PoC users.
  • Two Year Warranty– DigiX UK offers a 2-year warranty (body only) on all their professional 2-way radios with a purchase option or ongoing maintenance with our hire service.

Please call our technical team on 0800 1955 919 for prices and availability of the DigiX Horizon Mobile.

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