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Over the last 30 years, NRC has supported countless retail chains and independent shops to reduce stock loss, improve productivity and deliver better customer service through the provision of low cost, high quality two way radios.


The Communication Staple Every Retailer Needs

Whether you need to quickly respond to a customer query, call for a clean up on aisle five or alert a first aider to an in-store emergency, two way radio allows your teams to make the most of their time, to assist customers quickly and efficiently and to maintain health and safety.

In the retail sector, two way radio communications are a great way to: 

  • Maintain social distancing 
  • Improve floor management 
  • Check product availability without leaving the floor
  • Check product prices 
  • Keep security informed of suspicious activity 
  • Respond to incidents and emergencies
  • Alert cleaners to any spills 
  • Increase the speed of click & collect

Two-way radios are used in a wide range of sectors, in particular, the retail industry. Radios provide retailers with fast communication between warehouses, security teams, management and staff members. Radios in the retail industry not only allows for easy communication, but it also improves customer experience by cutting down waiting time.

Whilst improved customer experience is a great factor in the use of two-way radio systems, it’s arguably not the most important. The use of radios in the retail industry increases safety by allowing staff to easily contact security teams at the touch of a button to inform them of any shoplifting or anti-social behaviour.

In a busy environment, strong communication is vital, making quality two-way radios a necessity. A licence free radio is a suitable, cost-effective solution for retail, so here’s some we think would be great.


Feature Highlights

Two way radio allows everyone on and off the shopfloor to communicate no matter where they are or what they are doing which ultimately leads to increased efficiency and productivity. A DigiX radio offers numerous additional benefits which are indispensable to retailers and shopping outlets.


Increased battery performance

Up to 30 hours of battery life from one single charge.

Easy to use

Instant communication at the press of a button with built-in emergency functions.

Emergency button

When pressed, it sends an alert across the whole radio system.

Clear audio

Clear and high-quality sound that can be heard even with background noise.

Reliable coverage

Uninterrupted signal coverage however large the site.

Robust design

Two-way radios are built to last, making them tough enough to withstand daily use
Simplifying two way radio for retail

Investing in two way radio communications doesn’t need to be expensive. We can offer a personalised solution to suit the individual needs of your business, as well as your budget. 

Best Two Way Radios for Retail

There isn’t a town or retail development in the UK that doesn’t benefit from NRC’s own brand of DigiX two way radios! Our DigiX Neo, Halo and Link two way radios are very popular and recommended for larger retail stores and shopping centres. For smaller retail locations that do not have or do not require an Ofcom license, the license-free DigiX Sky, Star and Zeus are recommended and available to use straight out of the box.

What makes NRC Radio stand out from the crowd?

When you choose NRC Radio, you aren’t just getting a product. You’re investing in industry-leading technology, along with unrivaled customer support. Not only that, but we offer a hands-on service, meaning that if your radio goes down, we will be there to solve the problem and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 


Specialist Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager will be a leading specialist in retail two way radios.

Buy or Hire

We offer maximum flexibility, enabling you to choose between purchasing or hiring your two way radio system. 

Value for Money

Industry leading products at competitive rates.

Ofcom License

We’ll be by your side to help you with your Ofcom license application.

What our clients have to say

Thank you for your help with our radio switch over. We got a great deal on our new radios from yourselves and they are much better than our old ones which kept breaking. You have been a star through the whole process. I look forward to the continued good service.

Matthew McAdam, Assistant General Manager, Costco Aberdeen

Get in touch today to discuss your personal requirements and discover your personalised two way communication solution. 

Paula Boyd

Paula Boyd
National Account Manager

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