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NRC has been delivering professional two way radio solutions for more than 30 years, helping hotels and other hospitality businesses to bolster guest satisfaction, improve safety and cultivate visitor loyalty whilst minimising operating costs.

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In hotels and hospitality, it is the behind-the-scenes and frequent interaction between staff that ensures guest satisfaction and safety and with an increasing need for businesses in the hospitality industry to provide outstanding customer service in order to outperform competitors and keep customers returning, a professional two way radio solution is a necessity. It will ensure seamless and integrated communication between all staff: from reception to housekeeping to security.

In the hospitality sector, two way radio communications are a fast, reliable and effective way to:

  • Resolve customer issues or queries quickly
  • Check work order status
  • Safeguard guest security
  • Boost operating efficiency
  • Elevate the guest experience
  • Handle emergency situations

Two-way radios have proved to be a great asset to many sectors, in particular the hospitality industry. Radios offer clear and discreet communication between kitchen and front-of-house staff across large venues without any issues. The use of two-way radios in the hospitality industry has also shown to reduce stress in particularly during busy times. For example, suppose a customer has asked for a particular dish and you’re worried you may be running low. Don’t waste time going to the kitchen staff and having to return to your customers, simply use a walkie talkie and get an instant answer.

Benefits of using radios in the hospitality industry

  • Stock control – radios make it simple for members of staff to get in touch with each other and get any stock updates
  • Communication – a seemingly obvious point, yes, but you can actually set up your own radio channel so you can contact a certain group of staff when you need to.
  • Cost – radio communications are of course much cheaper than using other communication methods such as mobile phones. Radios often also provide a clearer service than a mobile.

Feature Highlights

Different hospitality roles – managers, front desk staff, security personnel, event managers, housekeepers, porters – require different communication devices to achieve job success. Ultimately what a two way radio allows is seamless voice communication in an instant, helping to enhance safety and security.


Push to talk

Discreet instant 1:1 or group communication at the touch of a button


Never lose track of employees with GPS-enabled radios

Instant communication

Share real-time information via talk or text so requests and issues are resolved quickly

Emergency button

When pressed, it sends an alert across the whole radio system

Easy to use

Instant communication at the press of a button with built-in emergency functions

Clear audio

High quality and clear sound that can be heard even with background noise
Providing bespoke two way radio solutions at affordable prices

It doesn’t need to be expensive to hire or purchase a two-way radio system. At NRC, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke two way radio solutions that are tailored to both your requirements and your budget.

Best Two Way Radios for Hospitality

Our DigiX Neo, Halo, Link and Nano are perfect for use in hotels and hospitality. Each of our two way radio systems is available to hire or purchase at an affordable price, without compromising on functionality.

Why choose NRC Radio?

At NRC, we believe that there’s more to two-way radio than just a product. That’s why, when you buy from NRC, you aren’t just purchasing two way radios. You’re also investing in industry-leading technology, along with the support that you deserve. If one of your radios goes down, we’ll be there to resolve the issue and minimise your downtime.


Specialist Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager will be an expert in hospitality radio communications.

To Buy or to Hire?

You decide. Many of our radios are available to purchase or hire. 

Value for Money

Competitive prices on industry-leading products. 

Get Licensed

Ofcom license applications won’t feel daunting when you’ve got our experienced team by your side.

What our clients have to say

I would like to thank you for the excellent service we received. Two hours after you left, we had made up our minds on wanting the radios you provide. We chose to purchase 10 DigiX radios. The clarity and reception is excellent as well as the range. They are far superior to any radio we have had before.

Lisa Holden, Resort Manager, Hapimag

Ready to talk? To discuss your two way radio communication requirements and discover the ideal solution for your business, contact us today. 

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Paul Kenealy
Managing Director

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