Airport Two Way Radios

With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on the expertise of NRC when it comes to manufacturing and supplying professional grade two way radio solutions, that help domestic and international airport teams to move people, equipment and luggage effectively, communicate instantly , streamline operations and control costs.

The Runway To Effective Communication

Two way radios are a critical part of airport infrastructure that allow workers to communicate clearly and instantly over very large distances without having to rely on mobile data and signals.

With lots of teams including engineering, retail, customer service, catering, management and security to name just a few, working seamlessly together to keep airport operations running effectively, airport two way radios will help to ensure that visitors, staff and equipment are kept safe, in touch, and that the whole site runs as efficiently as possible. 

Two way radio can provide a reliable, fast and effective way to:

  • Meet deadline and delivery demands
  • Meet take-off schedules  
  • Maintain passenger, staff and visitor safety and security
  • Assist with the efficient movement of people, luggage, vehicles and equipment 
  • Locate staff and vehicles
  • Connect sectors and teams working within the airport 
  • Relay management instructions 

Benefits Of Radios In Aviation Settings 

Communicate Over Large Distances Effortlessly

Both domestic and international airports can cover very large areas that can often span multiple sites. Two way radios can effortlessly bridge the physical distance between staff working in different areas of the airport allowing them to communicate clearly or get support from others when they need it. The ease of use, reliability and ability to provide instant communication make two way radios essential pieces of kit for airports looking for effective communication tools. 

Safety And Security

With large numbers of staff required to run airport operations and thousands of passengers and visitors passing through every day, keeping everybody safe and secure is a top priority for airport management. With features such as lone worker and man down, radios can help to decrease accident rates and give staff peace of mind when working individually or a long way away from other teams.

Airport two way radios have these kinds of features that can help to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency to get help to the people that need it most. Whether it’s to call for first aid support for a passenger, notify management about an unfolding emergency scenario that may require evacuations or keep lone workers connected at the push of a button. With private channels, messages can be relayed privately to those who need to hear them so as not to cause panic amongst passengers and other teams. 

Efficiency And Productivity

Efficient processes and excellent timekeeping are some of the most important things to get right in an airport due to the tight schedules that affect the delivery of successful flight and passenger operations day and night. 

Two way radios provide the most efficient way to communicate with different areas of the site, building and teams without relying on mobile phone signals that could drop in and out. Keeping everybody up to date with the push of a button, with the information that they need to know to keep people and planes moving in the right direction, and take off times on track, is easily achieved with two way radio. 

Airport Departments That Could Benefit From 24/7 Two Way Radios

  • Airport management 
  • Airlines
  • Ground services
  • Engineering 
  • Construction
  • Baggage and handling
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Border control
  • Security 
  • Fire and rescue services
  • Medical services and first aiders 
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Feature Highlights

When you connect every worker or team at the airport, you can get passengers from A-B efficiently whilst ensuring large sites remain safe, secure and efficient. Our DigiX radios can be customised to fit your operations and workflows and further streamline your operations.


Easy to use

A Push To Talk radio is easy to use and means drivers can focus on the road ahead

Superior coverage

Reliable and uninterrupted coverage, offering instant communication across large areas

Extended battery life

Enjoy up to 30 hours of use on just one charge

Lone worker

Protect those working alone with an automatic emergency alarm after inactivity

Man down

An emergency call is automatically sent if a worker is injured

GPS-enabled radios

Customise Your Communications Solution

Connecting people across the airport and airfield requires a bespoke two way communications set-up that is customised to suit the size and location of your airport operations. For example, not all staff will require advanced radios, you may need a number of private channels, some radios may require licences and others won’t. 

Specialist two way radio providers like NRC can work with your team to understand its requirements and build a bespoke system that is programmed to meet the challenges you face and the needs you have when it comes to keeping lines of communication open. Depending on your choice of radio or radios, there is a number of excellent features to boost safety and efficiency at the airport which can all be included in your airport two way radio system.  

Consider these features in your customisation:

Channel Scanning: A scanning channel will continuously cycle through channels that are programmed and pause to listen to transmissions it finds. This means that staff will stay in the loop of everything that is happening at the airport. 

Transmit Interrupt: This feature allows users to interrupt any existing transmissions with a priority message – an excellent feature for management radio users to be able to use in an emergency. 

GPS: This location tracking feature is particularly useful when emergency buttons or man down features are triggered. The GPS will allow others to easily find the member of staff that needs help and is also an excellent way to monitor where radio users are across a large site. 

Digital Basic Privacy: This feature ensures that only those who should hear your transmissions will. Adding an ID number to your private radiofrequency can ensure airport communications are not listened in on by other non-airport radio users.

Quiet departure lounge at airport

Two way radio doesn’t need to be complex

Don’t rule out two way radio based on assumed cost. At NRC, we provide bespoke two way radio solutions to the aviation sector  to suit every requirement and budget.

Best Two Way Radios for Airports

UK coverage with our DigiX Horizon Portable and Mobile range, perfect for the aviation sector. Every single one of our two way radio systems comes with a range of premium features, helping large sites to operate effectively and reliably. Not only that, but our two way radios offer the flexibility to hire or purchase at competitive prices.

Why choose NRC Radio?

We understand how important it is to have reliable two way communication in the aviation sector: it helps to keep passengers, staff and equipment moving efficiently and safely. That’s why we take the time to really get to know how your business works and what’s important to you, so that we can deliver a tailored communication solution to suit your business.


Dedicated Account Manager

Liaise with a transport communication specialist.

Purchase or Hire

You have the flexibility to purchase or hire, to suit the needs of your business.

Value for Money

You shouldn’t have to pay over the top for industry-leading products.

Ofcom License

We’ll guide you through the Ofcom license application process, step-by-step.

What our clients have to say

The clarity and reception on our digital radios from NRC is in a completely different league to anything we have experienced before. We have yet to find an area on campus where the signal does not work 100%. I would have no hesitation in recommending NRC to any organisation looking to improve their mobile radio communications.

Tony Monument, Head of Security at Bangor University

For more information about the solutions we offer to airports, and to discover the perfect solution for your business, please get in touch.

Paul K

Paul Kenealy
Managing Director

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