The DigiA is a waterproof, dustproof professional mobile radio which is compact, lightweight and sturdy. Hands-free VOX is optional with this device.

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  • Design- The DigiA is small, sturdy and attractive. It only weighs 227 grams!
  • Water and dust proof- This PMR is highly resistant to both water and dust with an IP67 rating. You wouldn’t have to worry about standing in a monsoon with this PTT device!
  • Battery- The battery can last an amazing 10 hours on standby and comes with a fast charger which can get it back up to 100% in under 4 hours.
  • Call functions- This DigiX 2-way radio can both private or group call.
  • Frequency- Has a frequency range of 137-174 or 400-470 (MHz)
  • Kill/revive function- The kill/revive function allows you to remotely disable other handsets which have gone missing or have been stolen. This allows you to be sure no one is listening in on future communications.
  • Analogue or digital- The DigiA PTT is available in either digital or analogue.
  • Voice encryption (digital only)- The digital DigiX features voice encryption to secure your communications.
  • Hands-free (VOX)- This 2-way radio can use free voice activated exchange (VOX) technology allowing effective and effortless communication.
  • Priority channel scan- this feature greatly reduces the chances of any communications being missed.
  • Two Year Warranty- DigiX offers a 2-year warranty (body only) on all their professional 2-way radios with a purchase option or ongoing maintenance with our hire service.

Call our technical team on 0800 1955 919 for details on prices and availability for both hire and purchase options.



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Frequency Range 400-470Mhz
DPMR Frequency 446.1-446.2Mhz(digital mode)
Number of Channel 32H
Rated Voltage DC7.4V
Dimensions:H*W*D(mm) 110*50*35mm(exclude antenna))
Weight 227g(include Li-ion battery)
Battery Pack 1300mAh(1600mAh optional )
Audio distortion ≤3%
Receiver Sensitivity < 0.2uV
Adjacent channel selectivity 70dB/60dB
Intermodulation reject ≥ 65dB
Blocking ≥85dB
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Modulation Limited 5kHz/2.5kHz
RF Power Output UHF 4.2W±0.5W/VHF 4.8W±0.5W
Audio output 1W
Modulation Very Narrow(6.25Khz):4k00F1E  Narrow(12.5Khz):8K50F3E
Adjacent channel power -70dB/-60dB(W/N)



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