DigiX Halo (No Keypad)

The DigiX Halo is a digital or analogue PMR which is perfect for a busy business. It has a range of impressive features packed inside it’s robust case.

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  • Design- Our DigiX Halo is simple, easy to use and extremely sturdy, with excellent water/dust resistance.
  • Reliable Battery- The DigiX Halo comes equipped with an excellent battery which can provide for up to 16 hours of use. In addition, the PMR comes with a fast charger included.
  • Emergency Alarm- The emergency alarm feature is a necessity for many 2-way radios using professionals in the UK. It could be the difference which prevents calamity.
  • Remote monitor- The PMR comes with a pre-installed remote monitoring and control system to help keep staff organized and efficiency levels high. while ensuring safety.
  • Dual mode- The Halo allows simultaneous use of both analogue and digital waves.
  • Kill/ revive functionality– The DigiX Halo features a kill/ revive function, allowing users to deactivate lost and stolen PMRs so that nobody can listen to future communications.
  • Water/ dust resistant- The IP54 rating protects Halo from any damage that could be caused by large amounts of rain or dust.
  • Large contact memory- The Halo supports more than 1000 contacts in digital mode.
  • VHF/ UHF- Our Halo comes with a frequency range to suit you and your companies communication needs.
  • Two Year Warranty- DigiX UK offers a 2-year warranty (body only) on all their professional 2-way radios with a purchase option or ongoing maintenance with our hire service.

Available for hire or purchase. Please call us on 0800 1955 919 for latest pricing.

Download Product Specification
Frequency Range 400-470Mhz/136-174Mhz
Channel Capacity 32
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Working Voltage DC 7.4V
Working Temperature -30℃-+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-+80℃
Weight 278.8g(include Li-ion battery)
Dimensions:H*W*D(mm) 138*55*31mm
Waterproof Level IP547
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Transmitting Power ≤5W
FM noise -40dB@12.5KHz
Transmit spurious radiation -36dBm@<1GHz;-30dBm@>1GHz
Ajacent Channel Power -60dB@12.5Khz
4FSK digital Modulation 12.5Khz(date only):7K60FXD;12.5Khz(date + voice):7K60FXE
FM Modulation Mode 12.5Khz:11K0F3E
Modulation Limiting 2.5KHz/12.5KHz
Free time slot power -57dBm
Digital transmit error rate ≤3%
Transmiting Power ≤5W
FM noice -40dB@12.5KHz
Ajacent Channel Selectivity 60dB@12.5KHz
Co-Channel rejection 12dB@12.5KHz
Spurious Response rejection 70dB
Receive Spurious radiation -57dBm@<1GHz,-47dBm@>1GHz
blocking 84dB
Rated audio Power 1W


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