The leisure and hospitality industries have found 2-way radios to be a great asset. The improvement in communication between front-of-house staff, management, kitchen staff and security that a PMR brings is of paramount importance to the smooth running of many large hospitality businesses.

For example, instead of going to a kitchen every time a waiter has taken an order, they can relay the order clearly and efficiently through a PMR. If a keg were to run out in a cellar, a bar member could tell the bar back without having to leave the bar. Managers can find out exactly where team members are and direct them to where they are needed. All of this adds to a better quality of service, as waiting times would be reduced and more time would be available to go the extra mile for customers.

The leisure industry can also benefit greatly from PMR systems. A good example would be lifeguards using PTT devices to communicate with each other and sound the alarm when someone is in distress.

At DigiX we want to give you the best device for your situation. We offer a range of PTT handsets which have features and qualities perfect for you. Feel free to give us a call or email us¬†and we’ll help you choose.

The four most popular radios we supply to the hospitality/ leisure industries are:

The DigiX Liberty is a License Free radio with many features which could be brilliant for your business. The fact that it is license-free means you don’t need to pay to renew your radio license every year. It’s the smallest PMR in the UK market but it\ still packs in a plethora of useful features. It features hands-free VOX and can be set on either analogue or digital mode.

The DigiX Nano is a state-of-the-art PMR which is compact and powerful. It features a remote monitor that allows you to allocate tasks and see where your staff are located, as well as a record feature which will record conversations and could help protect your business in any lawsuit.

The DigiX Neo has a remote monitor and a range of communication options. It can simultaneously use both digital and analogue signals ensuring your connection is never broken. It also features an emergency alarm to signal to colleagues that you need assistance.

The DigiX DigiA is a compact and sturdy model with a IP67 waterproof rating. It allows the user to make a range of call types and has various software features which stop other radio users listening in. The DigiA comes with hands-free VOX as standard.

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